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Sirius Golf Carts

Craving luxury, elegance, and performance in your new golf cart? Look no further. The all-new SIRIUS® from STAR EV® combines all those features and more into a stylish all-electric golf cart. Unlike other brands, STAR EV® redefines performance luxury by designing the perfect personal vehicle.

Mission accomplished.

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Star EV Golf Carts

Make the Neighbors Envious as You Ride in Electric Style

Forget the competition; STAR EV® incorporates cutting edge features and standards, such as the new electric golf carts that can go up to 60-miles on a single charge. Combine that with the beautiful chassis design, ambient interior dash lighting, ergonomic controls and LED lights and you’ll be the talk in town in your new STAR EV® Golf Cart.

All the Features You’re Looking For

The STAR EV Golf cart combines a set of unique features to give you the ultimate riding experience. It’s specifically designed for comfort, safety, performance, and elegance on and off the course. The electric motor delivers reliable performance, with no carbon emissions thus keeping green and saving mother earth. Some of these stellar features include:

  • Range – More battery life equals more playing time.
  • Comfort – Large egress, high-back seats, and a smooth suspension to cruise the course in comfort.
  • Durability – Reinforced bumpers, capped frames, and quality bag straps to keep you and your clubs safe.
  • Keep it Green – STAR EV electric golf cars act as great weekend vehicles on vacation and at home. Zip through the neighborhood or get through the campground safe and smoothly.
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SS Limited – Make the neighbors envious.

The SS-Limited range of STAR golf carts offers the best fair price point compared to other products of the same variety in the market. Its elegance only matches its level of durability and stellar performance in terms of finishing and accessories including color matching roof, chrome side rails, 12″ wheels, Plush Seat Options, and the best drive-train in the industry. If you are looking for new golf carts in Tappahannock Virginia and beyond, the SS Limited from Star EV is the right golf carts for you. It delivers a smooth riding experience and lands you some envious eyeballs.

The all-new SIRIUS® delivers extraordinary elegance.

Designed for comfort, style, and performance. The All-New SIRIUS is the perfect all-electric golf cart for the discerning customer. It’s simply the whole package at an affordable and fair price. Check out all that SIRIUS has to offer:

  • LED headlights with daytime running lights and high-beams
  • Locking insulated trunk with drainable cooler
  • Console with cupholders
  • 12″ machined and black aluminum rims
  • Conquer hills faster with AC motor
  • Race-inspired chassis and double wishbone independent suspension
Customize Your SIRIUS® Today