2023 Star Capella 4 Forward

Jet Black

Upgrade 12″ Wheels

4 Forward

Four year limited warranty, two year bumper
-to-bumper warranty (less wear items)
CP-2 and 2+2
Motor: 4 kW QDS™ AC Motor
Controller 48V 350A Curtis Controller
CP-4, CP-4+2, CP-6, CP-6+2
Motor: 5kW QDS™ AC Motor
Controller: 48V 450A Curtis Controller
Charger: 48V18A, on-board with remote LED
48 Volt, 6, 8volt or 8, 6 volt deep cycle
Drive Train: Direct Drive
Brakes: Rear wheel mechanical drum brake (2, 2+2)
4 Wheel hydraulic (4, 4+2, 6, 6+2)
QDS™ Drive System with over temperature protection
Front independent suspension
10” DOT Radial Tire and Machined Black
Honeycomb Rim
Digital Display
Emergency Flashers
Turn Signals
High/Low Beams
LED Taillights
Daytime Running Lights